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Class Selection Policy

In order to make the selection of class participants fair to everyone, the following policy has been adopted by the IWC Board:


This policy is established to ensure that selection for classes at the Intermountain Weavers Conferences is done consistently and fairly.


There are two methods of registering for classes at IWC.  The attendee can print out an application and mail it to the registrar, or the attendee can fill out the form on the IWC web site. The form on the web site is only available starting on an advertised date and time. Attendees must be an active member of IWC to attend the conference.

Mail in forms can be sent in ahead of the registration date and time on the web site.  Attendees registering on the site may not be able to get to the web page just as registration opens. This policy allows people using mail and people registering on the web site an equal access to the classes.


All applications received before or on the date that registration opens, and all applications received on the web site before midnight on the date registration opens will be considered equally.

All applications received by mail on a certain date, and all applications received on the web site on a certain date will be considered equally.

If adding the applications to a class on a certain date would overfill the class, applications will be randomly selected from the applications on that date until the class is filled.

Sample Scenarios

Scenario 1. Registration opens on the web site on 1 Feb. Class A has room for 12 attendees. Six applications are received by mail on or before 1 Feb. Eight applications are received on the web site by midnight of 1 Feb. The 14 applications are drawn from randomly until the 12 slots are filled.

Scenario 2. Registration opens on the web site on 1 Feb. Class B has room for 12 attendees. On 1 Feb, 8 applications are received by midnight either by mail or by the web site. All 8 are enrolled in the class. On 2 Feb, 1 application is received by mail and 8 applications are received on the web site by midnight. The 9 applications received on 2 Feb are drawn randomly until the last 4 of the slots are filled.

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