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Celebration of Fiber

Thanks to everyone that put their work in the Celebration of Fiber show.  Here is a list of the award winners for the 2019 Conference:

  • IWC Non-functional: Deanna Baugh for: Fear of a Bare Loom
  • IWC Best use of Handspun: Ellen Higgins for: Aran Shawl
  • IWC Best work by a Novice Award: Kat Puzey for: The Pink Wave
  • HGA Award: Ric Rao for: Granada
  • Complex Weavers Award: Melodie Usher for: Trio of Scarves: Weaving Is In My DNA – DNA Is In My Weaving
  • Surface Design Assoc. Award: Karen Dearing for: Lessons From Anita
  • American Tapestry Alliance Award: Cindy Dwarzak for: Cylinders
  • Treenway Award: Sandy Gillies for: And Above it all a Blue Blue Sky
  • Selvedge Magazine Award: Sharie Monsam for: Moths in the Moonlight
  • Heddlecraft Magazine Award for innovation and excellence: Sandee Jaastad for: There Are Two Sides to The Story
  • People’s choice award 1st : Melodie Usher for: Trio of Scarves: Weaving Is In My DNA – DNA Is In My Weaving
  • People’s choice 2nd: Evelyn Campbell for: White Sands National Monument
  • People’s Choice 3rd: Melodie Usher for: Deep Green and Blues are The Warp Colors I Choose

14 photo(s) Updated on: 6 Aug 2019
  • Swedish Art Runner
  • The Pink Wave, Kat Puzey
  • There are two sides to the Story, Sandee Jaastad
  • White Sands National Monument, Evelyn Campbell
  • Moths in the Moonlight, Sharie Monsam
  • Lessons from Anita, Karen Dearing
  • Lessons from Anita, Karen Dearing
  • Granada, Ric Rao
  • Fear of a Bare Loom, Deanna Baugh
  • Deep Green and Blues are the Warp Colors I Choose, Melodie Usher
  • Cylinders, Cindy Dwarzak
  • Blue Majesty, Ruth Ronan
  • Aran Shawl, Ellen Higgens
  • And Above It All A Blue Sky, Sandy Gillies

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