Solid Form Felting Techniques

lisa_klakulak_1Instructor:  Lisa Klakulak

Workshop Description:

Explore solid felt forms of spheres, discs, barrels, cones, hoops and cords.  Learn graceful connection techniques for wet felting these basic forms together to make more complex forms such as clasps, hinges and undulating cords applicable for adornment, wearable closures and/or sculptural elements.  Learn the appropriate tension and crosshatched preparation for dry wrapping and needle felting when preparing solid forms for wet felting, as well as the integration of partially felted shapes to create more defined and intriguing shapes. This technical sequence provides ample air space for shrinkage, resulting in well-integrated surfaces that won’t pill!

Experience Level: Intermediate

Materials fee:  $20 – $25

Supply list: Approximately 4oz (113 g) Merino top in a variety of colors (including black and white and the primary colors red, yellow, blue), small bubbled bubble wrap measuring 12” x 24” (30 cm x 61 cm), 15” of a foam pool noodle (38 cm)or PVC pipe, a pair of waist high nylons, a dish or small bucket for holding water (approx. 6”h x 5”w (15 x 13 cm), a towel, regular and small sharp scissors, a disposable shaving razor (preferably with two blades and no moisture strip-look in the men’s razor section), a note pad and ball point pen, a calculator, a measuring tape.