Ribbed Antler Basketry

Instructor:   Linda Lugenbilllinda_lugenbill_1

Workshop description:

This workshop focuses on incorporating shed antlers into ribbed basketry.  Since each antler presents unique characteristics and varies in size, we will discuss the numerous options in which it could be used in a ribbed basketry project.

As the basketry frame is gradually being established, a variety of sizes and types of colorful and textural weaving materials, in combination with numerous weaving techniques, will be used to fill in the frame. Typical materials used as weavers are natural and dyed reed, sea grass, cane, ash, cordage, handspun fibers, silk ribbon and assorted plant fibers. Weaving techniques to be demonstrated and then used include plain and twill plaiting, twining, ti-twining and packing.  Material processing and handling will be discussed.  As each antler and project is unique, I strive to encourage participants to try new materials, techniques and approaches.  Much time on days 2 and 3 will be devoted to implementing packing techniques to create patterns with materials and colors.

Experience Level: All levels

Materials fee:  $70

Supply list: Students should bring a small basin or bucket for soaking weaving material, craft scissors and small garden pruners, an awl, old towel, paper and pencil, a lightweight drill or Dremel tool with bits, small hot glue gun and glue sticks. Wear suitable work clothes and bring protective eye wear. An apron is optional. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE. I will have multiples of everything one would need to use.